About Us

For us riding and racing both dirt bikes and motorcycles is more than just a hobby, it's a passion. Hardly anything beats the times that are spent out there on the track with family and friends. We pride ourselves in sharing the love of this sport with fellow enthusiasts by bringing quality products to the market place.

Ironically the idea for this company was inspired by a work van...Yes that is correct, a work van. A friend of ours had owned a van which had "no reverse", and just like a motorcycle it had to be pushed backwards in neutral. It made me think of how funny it would be to create a "NO REVERSE!" sticker for the van. After playing around with some concepts it had occurred to me that this would be a great logo for motorcycle/dirt bike gear. What was originally meant to be a little prank turned into something more. It turned into the company you see today, No Reverse!

Have a look at our catalog and start rocking some No Reverse gear today! We look forward to seeing our fans out at the track!

-Roger Adamson, Owner